Top Canadian Pharmacies

June 15, 2011 by Julie09.

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The following are some of the top Canadian Pharmacies:

Canada Drugs Online

Tel: 1877-900-3784

Canada Pharmacy Online
Tel: 1866-920-3784

Big Mountain Drugs
Tel: 1877-223-9977

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Canadian Pharmacy Review

February 2, 2012 by Mina.

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How do you know who to trust?

With the advent of the internet, companies have realized that it is a virtually unlimited source of advertising and sales. Ever received a spam email? Most of us have.

However, some people have legitimate reasons to buy Viagra, Cialis, or Plavix. But how do they know who to trust? The trick to choosing an online pharmacy is to do your research. Just like when you are buying a car, or choosing a new restaurant for date night, you will want to check out Canadian pharmacy reviews.

Reviews are comments on reputed sites discussing the positive or negative experience a customer has had. Canadian pharmacy reviews are often the most honest pictures you can find of what a company, particularly Canadian online pharmacies are and how they operate. In order to gauge the quality of a pharmacy make sure to consider these factors when reading reviews:

Licensing- Canadian online pharmacies should be licensed by a pharmacist's governing body, such as the College of Pharmacists of BC. They should also have a licensing number listed somewhere on their website, including the license number, and the name of the head pharmacist. This ensures that the pharmacy is certified to be providing you your medications in a legal, discreet, and caring manner. Canadian online pharmacies that are licensed often have their own brick-and-mortar pharmacy with an address. You could walk into this pharmacy and fill your prescription there, so why not simply allow them to send the medications to your home?

Another thing to look out for is the PharmacyChecker logo. is the online pharmacy verification program most trusted in North America. Websites such as Yahoo! and MSN require Pharmacy Checker's verification before they will even allow Canadian online pharmacy advertisements on their websites. This website is also one of the most reputable for Canadian pharmacy reviews. Before allowing a pharmacy the use of the PharmacyChecker logo, the Canadian online pharmacy must meet these criteria:
  • security system for personal and financial information
  • privacy policy
  • pharmacy license
  • requiring a prescription before dispensation
  • pharmacy's contact information (address and phone number) must be clearly displayed
Clarity of Information- all information should be easily accessible. The first place to check on a website is the "About Us" page, or the Contact page. The website should contain a physical address, a Canadian pharmacy license number, a phone number, and the best ones have the name of the head pharmacist listed. With this, you know that you can contact them if you have any issues with your order.

Customer Service- Good customer service is a dying art. At Canadian online pharmacies such as Big Mountain Drugs, their Customer Care team is thorough and discreet. Over the course of a phone call you will be registered, your prescription verified, and you will receive your order within 16-18 business days. When searching Canadian pharmacy reviews for your desired pharmacy, be sure to look at their customer service skills.

Delivery Speed- When reading Canadian pharmacy reviews, be sure to consider delivery speed. Legitimate pharmacies will take slightly longer to process your order, due to their rigorous prescription verification processes. If you require medications within the day, you may choose to visit a pharmacy near you. However, you will most likely pay a premium for the privilege. The Canadian government regulates medication pricing in Canada, which enables Canadian online pharmacies such as to offer you a significantly discounted product-with the same quality as you could get in your hometown.

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